Overview Of Rochor Beancurd Classic Menu

Rochor original beancurd is one of the most famous and all-time favorite food stall to provide a refreshing and smoothing sweet and silky beancurd. This food brand is known to have two branches in Singapore one in Short Street and the other in Sims Avenue. Overall it is a good destination for those who have to carve for food and want to enjoy an appetizing supper without delay. The food of this stall is categorized into the Classic menu and Snack menu. The classic menu highlights all of the major essential menus that provide the essence of traditional Chinese food with amazing rochor beancurd, desserts, and drinks that are sure to take your taste buds to surprise.

The main component of the classic menu:


Beancurd is considered as the traditional food item of Rochor original. People of Singapore are known to wait for their turn to arrive in a long queue along the roadside to just enjoy a relish bowl of beancurd. They are known to offer two different kinds of beancurd one is the Traditional beancurd and the other one is the Xi Shi Beancurd. The curd is provided with a smooth and silky texture with a certain level of sweetness that neither makes it too sweet nor bland. Howsoever, after consuming the beancurd a boring feeling can be experienced in your mouth as something like grains or powder may come in between. The syrup is added to the beancurd to provide a constant sweet flavor which makes it the first choice amongst rochor beancurd in Singapore.

Grass jelly drink:

A great way of refreshment in summer comes with the grass jelly drink and desserts. Grass jelly is the recipe that is composed after boiling and then oxidizing the different sections of Mesona Chinensis with the use of potassium carbonate for sometimes until starch is formed and then let it cool down. Add the required amount of grass jelly drink into the glass and add ice cube and syrup to it and finally fill it with water. This is the traditional drink of Singapore and Malaysia. The jelly texture is provided to the drink due to the addition of arrowroot powder that acts as a natural thickening agent. This drink is highly appreciated for its aroma and health benefits.  

Soya milk and combo:

Soya milk is a plant-based product that is mostly used in Asian nations. This product is formed after completing the process of soaking, grinding, boiling, and then filtering out the residue. This is the drink alternative to cow milk but has more fat concentration in it. It is a natural product with a stable emulsion of oil, water, and protein in proportion. The most traditional shop of rochor beancurd in Singapore even offers Soya milk with pearls that provides an amazing feel to the tongue. Moreover, Soya milk with grass jelly provides incredible health benefits and has the lowest calories. This a great companion for the barbecue during summer.

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