Treatment Of Eczema By Chinese Medicine

Eczema is a non-transferrable disease in which the skin color changes to red and start itching along with the formation of blisters that later on cracks to release a clear liquid. This is later followed by crusting, scaling, and thickening of the skin and its pigmentation. This disease is generally discovered on the arms, legs, and its inner side, palms, faces, and neck region. The itching can be severe which can lead to sleeplessness and after scratching the blister gets exposed and can lead to infections. This can cause adults and adolescences which with time become severe. TCM Clinics are making a tremendous effort to display a sign of relief from such a painful disease.

Eczema treatment with the use of TCM techniques:

Allopathic treatment majorly targets on the reduction of symptomatic relief but is not able to cure the disease completely. Moreover, this mode of treatment comes along with the side effect that is continued for a longer period due to the use of western medication. But, treatment associated with TCM for eczema in Singapore is known to provide a permanent solution. They make use of Chinese herbal plants to reduce itching and even look for the root causes that are responsible for such drastic skin conditions. This is the condition that can even rise due to imbalance or deficiency in the body. Eczema treatment requires lots of patience as it may take months to heal and can even require few changes in the lifestyle.    

TCM herbs used for the eczema treatment:

Herbs that ease heat and dampness:

Due to heat symptom, redness or inflammation can be experienced over the skin whereas because of dampness, blisters are formed that with time gets scratched to release a liquid from inside. In the TCM clinic, herbs like Coptis rhizome (Huang Lian), sophora root (Ku Shen), dictamnus root bark (bai xian pi), red peony root (chi shao), etc. are considered for curing the above-mentioned problem.

Herb to cure itching:

Itching is generally considered as a wind pathogen in TCM for eczema in Singapore. A few of the highly recommended herbs are icada molting (chan tui), Schizonepeta Stem (Jing Jie), and Xanthium fruit (cang er zi) to reduce the effect of itch.

Detoxifying herbs:

This is the herb that has the potential to arrest pathogens and help in the filtration of the blood. Few of the detoxifying herbs are Forsythia Fruit (Lian Qiao), honeysuckle flower (jin yin Hua), and isatis leaf (da qing ye).

Herbs for chronic eczema:

To treat chronic eczema, tonics are considered as the best recommendation because it has the potential to strengthen the affected organ and even put a halt to the recurrence of the disease. E.g. spleen deficiency is treated by atractylodis rhizome (bai zhu) and codonopsis root (dang shen) whereas, blood deficiency is regulated by Chinese angelica (dang gui) and fleece flower root (he shou wu)

Concluding with……

Individual or family members, anyone can be challenged by eczema disease so it is necessary to properly manage and treat the disease. In addition to the medication, precaution is quite essential so one needs to take note of the triggers and aggravators that can either flare-up or remission the concept of eczema. Implementation of changes in your lifestyle can help out the best in the treatment conduct by TCM for eczema in Singapore.

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